Comments from Models
"JP is an incredible photographer. He makes you feel 100% comfortable and wont do anything you dont feel 100% comfortable doing. He is a talented photographer with an eye for detail. Working with him was one of the most exhilarating things I have done yet."- CA, Washington

"I am so excited that we got some good shots. I feel incredible about my body now. Thank you for opening my eyes. How do I write a kudos thing on your web page? THANK YOU THANK YOU again. I feel beautiful."
- Crys, Seattle

"Manring is an incredible professional and down to earth guy to work with. I spent four straight days shooting and traveling with him and it felt like a vacation with a good friend. His work is exceptional and I would love to work with him again and again."- KJ, Colorado

"I think your work is amazing. I think you have an awesome talent and I would be really happy to work for trade."- Alyssa M, Texas

"Eres un buen Fotografo con buen personalidad y paciencia. Sabes que confio en ti! Sei molto gentile." - Lau, Pennsylvania

"I had a wonderful time shooting with you, very respectful and easy going!" - Somalie, Pennsylvania

"From the very first contact I had with JP and Manring Photo, he was professional, intellectual and has a great sense for the art of photography. I loved working with him and I came out of the shoot with a lot more than just pretty pictures; I have a new found respect and appreciation for my body and the human body as art. I would recommend Manring Photo to anyone and everyone."- Riley, Colorado

"This was the most amazing first professional shoot I could have fathomed. The images have been things that I can forever treasure and take pride in. I hope to continue to have opportunities to work with you."- A. Cooper, Texas

"For never EVER taking a picture to be proud of (especially being nude!)... you really showed me a new side of myself. I was completely comfortable with you and you definitely have a talent. I would LOVE to work with you again! Thank you for a life changing experience." - Bailey, Minnesota

"I never posed nude before, you gained my trust and I gained confidence in myself, working with you was a great experience." - Laura I, Pennsylvania

"Thanks for the FABULOUS photo shoot!! Absolutely professional, tasteful and meticulous, it was soooooo much fun!!! And thanks for coming to see our show! Hope to work with you again!" - Amanda, Pennsylvania

"Hey - thanks so much for the pictures! You are great, and thanks for being so easy and comfortable to work with!"- Christena, New York

"This weekend rocked my socks off! And I *love* the pictures...absolutely *LOVE* them. I can't wait to do more work with you. Hopefully we'll get a larger span of time to tackle some more pictures in your next round of Louisville." - Sarah, Kentucky

"You are a photography GENIUS! Thanks for the productive shoot yesterday. Loads of fun." - NM, Tennessee -

"Thank you so much for the shots.... I can't wait to see you again. They were awesome shots. YOU ROCK. Thank you. I like to see them cause it gives me an idea of what I want to work on. Keeps me working on my body. Thank you Love!!!!!!" - AJ, California

"You were wonderful to work with. Outstanding photos, seriously. I love them!"- Erica, Texas

"Hmmm...let see where do I begin?!? Besides the fact that you are the best photographer ever! I had a blast shooting with you! You are very easygoing and fun to work with! I felt completely comfortable the whole time and all the photos turned out wonderful! I can't wait to see more! I wish you lived here ALL the time! I can't wait until we meet again! Thanks so much!" - MJ, Missouri


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